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M.O.M.S. Making Our Moms Successful

...mentoring single parent families to strengthen the next generation
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M.O.M.S. (Making Our Moms Successful) is a non-profit,

mentoring program designed to equip single mothers with the skills, education and support to build and maintain

healthy, stable homes for their children.


M.O.M.S. has been serving and impacting single parent families in Dakota County, Minnesota since 1990 and is currently serving single parent families in Scott County.



The Need


*In 2010, 27% of all births in Dakota County, Minnesota were to single mothers.  In Scott County, it was 20%.


*In Minnesota, 30% of single mothers live in poverty and over 50% of single mothers are classified as working poor (2000 Minnesota Census,


*According to the US Census Bureau, one out of every two youth today will live in a single parent home at some point before reaching age 18.*


*Children of single parent families are 4 times more likely to experience learning problems, and emotional and behavioral problems.*


*Children of single parent homes are twice as likely to use drugs and alcohol, have law enforcement contact, commit suicide and become a teen parent."




*Children's Health Encyclopedia)   


The Results


*One to one mentoring provides single mothers with ongoing practical and emotional support of a trained, caring mentor.


*Goal setting provides single mothers with the structure, accountability and support to set and achieve individualized goals to improve family health.


*Our moms have finished high school diplomas, and received college degrees.  They have moved from shelters, to apartments to becoming homeowners.  They have found employment in their area of study or interest.


*Educational classes provide skills and education on budgeting, parenting, health and safety, job seeking and resume writing, home management and much more.


*Resource connection provides single parent families with additional resources to meet the day to day needs of their family as well as advocacy and individualized resources for special needs.   


For more information, please contact us:


Phone: 952-890-5072

Address: 12921 Nicollet Avenue South,

 Burnsville, MN 55337